SEO copywriting

Create content that will actually rank by using a specialist SEO copywriting service. Receive optimised and targeted content that will drive your business' online sales and visibility.

Website content without the fluff

By using keyword research, topic modelling, and competitor analysis, I can produce website content that stands the best chance possible of connecting with your audience and driving sales and revenue for your business.

Eliminate the guesswork and receive website copy that has been strategically created with SEO in mind.

Website copy that is targeted and engaging

SEO copywriting isn't about hacks, tricks, or keyword stuffing. It's about creating the best content possible for your audience's needs, and presenting it in the right way.

Your website copy will be engaging and technically optimised for search visibility, whilst catering to the exact demands of your audience.

Core components of SEO copywriting

Topic and keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of producing any website content. This step guarantees that any content that is created is meeting search demand, which is critical for driving conversions and generating ROI.

Addressing audience expectations and intent

It's important that any content that's created appeals directly to the searcher, contains the information they expect, and is presented in the format they expect, whether that be a landing page, blog post, knowledge base entry, an ecommerce product page, or any other of the type of content that may be found on a website.

Creating best in class content

I use the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing tooling to help make the process more scientific and measurable. This, paired with crisp copywriting, ensures content is sufficiently detailed, contains the topics and entities that Google expects to see, and improves on whatever competitor content already exists.

Optimisation, structure, and formatting

When it comes to website content, the job isn't done when the content is written. A perfectly optimised piece of content will be thematically relevant to the main topic, will explore related long tail topics, and will include more traditional SEO based elements, such as having an optimised page title, an engaging meta description, and will link internally to relevant pages whenever relevant.