Off page SEO

Backlinks drive rankings and are seen as a vote of confidence from one site to another. Earn safe, sustainable links to drive your organic visibility.

Earn links the right way

To be successful in organic search, a site needs links. Trying to rank without any good links can be a tricky task, especially if your competitors’ websites have managed to accumulate some good links and authority.

I can help you make sure your website is taking advantage of all of the linking opportunities available to it. Together, we can build and execute a link acquisition strategy to secure the backlinks and build the authority your website needs to succeed.

Natural link acquisition

Successful link acquisition relies on two main things: Having good content and promoting that content.

Together, we can look at your current situation and resources, and decide on the best plan of action. If your website doesn’t have good quality content that can act as a linkable asset, then that’s the first place to start.

If you already have good, thorough, useful content, it may be possible to hit the ground running with some list building and outreach.

Off Page SEO core components

Creating linkable assets

In order to attract links, content needs to serve a legitimate purpose. It needs to solve a problem, stir up emotions, or be thought provoking. It needs to warrant a response.

Outreach list building

Having a list of targets and contact details is one of the most important steps in any link acquisition campaign. Whilst some truly exceptional content pulls in links organically, the majority of content needs promoting to relevant websites, journalists, authors, and bloggers.

Content outreach and promotion

A clear, concise angle is pitched to targets, including what's unique or novel about the content, whether that be an insight, data point, or something emotional. If the contact likes the content and angle, there's a good chance they will cover the story, or in some circumstances, update existing content to include the new resource.

PR and relationship building

Businesses have relationships with other businesses. Suppliers, investors, partners, clients - people within all of these businesses come into contact with your business every day.

If your brand has a wide network of contacts, clients, and suppliers, you could be sat on a deposit of potential links that are efficient to earn, amazing quality, and very difficult for your competitors to replicate.