Hiya 👋
Zack here

  • I'm a freelance SEO consultant. I've been at it in one form or another since around 2012.
  • ❤️ remote working, 🤮 offices.
  • Originally from Leighton Buzzard, which is close to London, and near Milton Keynes. But you may know me from when I was living and working in Leeds.
  • I'm tall. Not sasquatch tall. But you'll be able to find me in a crowd (6ft 2in).
A selfie of Zack Neary-Hayes wearing a duffel coat

More About Zack

I'm originally from a small-ish Bedfordshire town, Leighton Buzzard, famous for:

Unable to handle the sheer excitement of Home Counties life any longer, I went off to study at the University of Sheffield, securing a 2.1 in History.

I gravitated towards studying the more problematic sides of human history; imperialism, colonialism, genocides, politics of difference, radical resistance, and protest movements.

Following university, I hopped over to Leeds, where I received many battle scars working with some of the many agencies and digital focussed businesses in the city.

I've been an advocate for remote working since earning my stripes with a rapidly growing remote-first digital marketing agency, Exposure Ninja, where I worked as Head of SEO, and then later within Digital Strategy.

Then, because life likes to keep you on your toes, and due to the potential biological collapse of humanity in 2020, a return to some familiar scenery was needed. After nearly a decade in the north, I returned to the south, where things such as pints, housing, and water bills are inexplicably two-to-three times more expensive than what I had previously been used to.

A photo of Zack Neary-Hayes feeding a llama

Here I am being friends with a llama 🦙

Mission statement

After nearly a decade of working in SEO and digital marketing, I have tried to condense down what I'm trying to achieve with my business. After quite a while of umm-ing and ahh-ing, I distilled it down to this:

do good work for good people

I think that sums everything up quite nicely.

So if you sound like the following, then I want to hear from you:

  • An exciting business that genuinely cares about your customers.
  • Understand that marketing isn't just about saying 'buy my stuff' repeatedly. You must add value and solve problems.
  • Have a happy internal team and treat your team members with the respect they deserve.
  • Know there's more to life than work, but have no hesitation when it's time to dig in and get things done.
  • Are willing to be challenged, take the occasional risk, and implement things fast when necessary.