Ecommerce SEO

Drive sales and conversions for your online store with ecommerce SEO. Expand your audience and grow your revenue.

The future of retail

As the high street continues to crumple, people are shifting their buying habits online.

Whether you're a tried and tested player within the ecommerce field, or you're a brand new store that's just getting started, now is the time to get an ecommerce SEO strategy in place.

Technical, creative, and ROI focussed

Ecommerce SEO is a unique beast. It blends aspects from multiple SEO disciplines, from technical SEO, to content marketing, into one offering.

And all of them are focussed on one thing; getting your store to generate more revenue.

Ecommerce SEO core components

SEO audit

An SEO audit is key for ecommerce websites. Due to the size, complexity, and dynamic nature of ecommerce websites, there are often many inefficiencies that build up over time.

The journey to improved organic traffic, conversions, and revenue always starts with an audit.

Tackling issues

As a result of an SEO audit, there will be a task list of issues that need to be addressed. These tasks are prioritised in terms of importance and estimated impact.

Implementing ecommerce SEO fixes is usually a team effort across SEO consultancy, web developers, designers, and content creators.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics should be rooted in any SEO campaign for ecommerce websites.

Visibility, traffic, conversions and revenue will all be drilled into so that we can tell how the campaign is performing, what's working well, and what needs more attention.

Continuous updates

Due to the dynamic nature of ecommerce websites, issues can crop up just as fast as they're squashed.

It's important to stay on top of things, constantly monitoring and looking for further improvement opportunities, in order to drive visibility and keep momentum high.