Competitor research

Understand who your organic competitors are and what they are doing to drive their organic visibility. Reverse engineer this information into your own SEO strategy.

Compete against the right people

By analysing your competitors’ domains and visibility, it’s possible to understand what kind of SEO activity they’re engaged in, which gives you invaluable information for your own marketing efforts.

With this information, you can capitalise on any weaknesses that competing websites have, allowing you to be smarter and more methodical in how you use your own SEO resources.

Competitor research benefits

Demystify competitor activity

Learn where your competitor's traffic and conversions come from.

Discover new competitors

Learn who really owns the digital space and use this to inform your strategy.

Address content gaps

See the topics and keywords your competitors have good visibility for and aim to close the gap.

Never be caught off guard

Stay aware of competitors that are growing fast and may begin to take your share of traffic.

Understand your authority

Are your main competitors huge multi-national businesses? A smarter, more agile approach will get the results you need.

Valuable market research

Validate market demand for products and services before launching them by analysing the performance of existing competitors.

Competitor research core components

Topical research

Understand your businesses core market and the topics your audience cares about. Using this information, it's possible to delve through the data of which other websites also compete within these verticals.

Visibility analysis

Discover what drives visibility for you competitors and understand how this relates to your own website. Lay the groundwork for reducing a content gap on your site and align your resources to take traffic share from competitors.

Understanding tactics

Understand what components make up your competitors SEO strategy and whether this presents a threat or opportunity for you.

Distilled strategy

Roll everything you have learned from your competitors back into your own strategy to ensure that you are doing enough to keep on expanding your share of organic traffic.