Technical SEO

Work with a technical SEO consultant to ensure that your website has a stable foundation. Drive visibility and revenue through technical developments.

Because robots deserve love, too

SEO is about making sure searchers and search engines can access, navigate, and interpret your website as efficiently as possible.

Technical SEO services focus more heavily on the search engine side of the SEO puzzle, with the main focal points being improving elements that relate to how your website is crawled, rendered, and indexed.

More efficient, more visible

Technical SEO is all about driving continuous, gradual improvements. The aim of the game is to make Google's job easier. Over time, all websites accrue technical inefficiencies, but these inefficiencies can create an uphill struggle for search engine crawlers and renderers trying to access your website.

Technical SEO benefits

Squeeze more from your site

Make the most of your website's existing authority and content by ensuring it is technically sound

Make Google's job easier

Feeding Google the exact information it needs, the exact way it expects it.

Indexed, safe and sound

Your content can't drive sales if it can't be found. Ensure all critical content can be crawled, indexed, and ranked appropriately.

Fast and reliable

An optimised website and server result in fast, stable load times for users and search engines alike.

Avoid costly mistakes

Stop any technical issues before they happen by tapping into ongoing SEO consultancy.

Strive for best practice

The internet, it's content, and the technology that links the two together is constantly changing. Embrace new development stacks whilst hitting best practices for search engines.

Technical SEO core components

Technical SEO audit

Discover which technical SEO elements on your website are holding back your visibility. A technical SEO audit will highlight issues, give insight on what's causing them, as well as advising on how to implement to the necessary resolutions.

Planning and prioritisation

As a result of an audit, there will be a worklog of suggested actions. These actions need to be prioritised based on ease to implement and potential impact, as this ensures your resources are working in the most efficient manner possible.

Technical optimisation

After the initial preparation and analysis work has been carried out, technical fixed can be implemented. These optimisations may include internal linking, speed improvements, fixing rendering issues, and a whole lot more.

Monitoring impact and constant assessments

Websites are often dynamic entities. They change all the time, with content being added, systems being updated, and infrastructure shifting. As such, there's always new issue that can be optimised in order to target in order to keep a website running as smoothly as possible.