Digital marketing

Work with a digital marketing consultant that will grow your business' online presence across multiple channels. Secure more conversions through smarter digital marketing.

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Utilise a digital marketing strategy that is centred around using quality content to acquire leads and increase online revenue. Build your target audience, nurture existing leads, and convert them into customers.

Digital marketing with a purpose

Too often, digital marketing lacks direction and the needs of potential customers are completely missed. This results in wasted time, effort, and budget.

My digital marketing consultancy is powered by audience demand, ensuring that any digital marketing efforts are in line with your business goals, as well as the needs of your potential customers.

Digital marketing consultancy core components

Research and planning

Planning should start before anything else happens. It's important to understand where you're going first. I'll work closely with you to identify opportunities, analyse competitors, and establish what available resources you have.

Developing a digital marketing strategy

A successful digital marketing strategy requires careful thought and consideration. We'll discuss your objectives, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and then put together a detailed roadmap to achieve these goals.

Data and analysis

I analyse marketing data to direct your marketing strategy. You'll get clear insights into your current performance and what needs to be done in order to hit your marketing goals.

Execution and growth

Executing a digital marketing campaign involves utilising SEO, user experience, content creation, paid media and more. Once we've developed our plans, it's down to execution - making sure things happen when planned, assessing the impact of our actions, and improving and reiterating where possible.