SEO audits

Find out what can be improved on your website with a comprehensive SEO audit. Gain insight on how to optimise the elements that are holding your organic traffic back.

SEO audits catered towards your business goals

In most circumstances, an SEO audit is the first step in any SEO campaign. SEO audits are invaluable because of the insights they grant, which highlights a website's weaknesses and opportunities.

Concise, actionable, profitable

Whether your website needs a general health check, a deeper all-encompassing audit, or specialised attention within a certain area, I tailor all of my SEO audits specifically to the website and business that I am working with.

You get will get an SEO audit that is targeted specifically to your business, website, and tech stacks, resulting in an actionable audit that will form the backbone of an agile SEO strategy.

SEO audits benefits

Discover opportunities

Find out what could be optimised on your website for long term traffic growth.

Planning for the future

The start of any solid SEO strategy starts with an audit to develop a long term roadmap.

Prioritised tasks

A website is never 'finished', and an SEO audit will help you prioritise what to work on and in what order.

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Align your resources

Ensure all of your team members and resources are having the largest impact possible.

Understand current performance

Highlight what's working, what isn't, and what's driving leads and conversions for your business.

Hone in on what matters

Audits shouldn't be data dumps from tools. All of my audits are strategic, actionable, and entrenched in why the recommended actions are important.

SEO audits core components

Topical research

Understand your businesses core market and the topics your audience cares about. Using this information, it's possible to delve through the data of which other websites also compete within these verticals.

Visibility analysis

Discover what drives visibility for you competitors and understand how this relates to your own website. Lay the groundwork for reducing a content gap on your site and align your resources to take traffic share from competitors.

Understanding tactics

Understand what components make up your competitors SEO strategy and whether this presents a threat or opportunity for you.

Distilled strategy

Roll everything you have learned from your competitors back into your own strategy to ensure that you are doing enough to keep on expanding your share of organic traffic.