SEO consultancy

Receive ongoing SEO support, easily digestible SEO advice, and an SEO strategy that is custom-built around your business goals.

Independent SEO consultant

I work directly with my clients on a consultancy basis. I integrate directly with your existing team and resources.

Over 10 years of SEO experience

I have been working in SEO, both direct to clients and via digital agencies, for over a decade.

Alternative to an SEO agency

I'm cheaper, faster, and likely more experienced than what you would receive working with an SEO agency.

SEO consultancy:

I pride myself on being approachable and easy to work with, often delivering better results, healthier ROI, and higher client satisfaction than SEO agencies.

In fact, most of my clients come from previous SEO agency retainers, and swear they could never return to working with an agency after experiencing my direct and hands-on approach to SEO consultancy.

I consider the interdependencies between different SEO, web development, content marketing, and business goals.

This allows me to make SEO recommendations that actually have some oompf behind them; to highlight opportunities for you that are tangible, within your grasp, and are tied to improving your organic performance.

This strategy will allow us to optimise your SEO in its entirety, bringing to life an internal SEO culture within your organisation, with SEO best practice being followed instinctively, and organic marketing opportunities being seized with both hands.

SEO consultancy:
Service details

SEO consultancy is ideal for those who have the resources to grow their organic traffic, but lack the direction or knowledge in how best to execute an SEO strategy.

An SEO consultancy service is about empowering your team with the right strategies. It’s suited for businesses ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the work, with a clear ongoing roadmap to follow.

The SEO issues we tackle together will look different business-to-business, team-to-team, but as a guide, some common scenarios include:

  • Identifying and fixing technical SEO issues that hinder site performance.
  • Developing a keyword and strategy to expand your reach and grow traffic.
  • Optimising existing content and pages to meet search intent
  • Analysing backlink profiles and devising a link-building strategy to sustainably grow your website's authority.
  • Guiding content creation with SEO best practices in mind.
  • Ensuring website migrations go to plan, minimising the risk of traffic and visibility loss.
  • Working with designers and developers to launch improved pages and content experiences for your users.

Who is SEO consultancy for?

SEO consulting services are ideal for businesses with the resources and readiness to act on expert advice to enhance their online visibility, such as:

  • Established brands looking to maintain or improve their organic search presence.
  • Startups wanting to build a strong SEO foundation from the outset.
  • SaaS companies aiming to increase organic leads and reduce customer acquisition costs.
  • E-commerce businesses looking to improve their site's organic sales.
  • Content produces who want their content to reach farther and are interested in forming a data-informed content strategy.
  • Digital agencies in need of SEO expertise to guide client projects.
  • Web development agencies who want technical SEO to ensure their builds follow SEO best practice and launch with technical issues.

Benefits of SEO consultancy

Tailored to your goals

What I recommend for a client is exclusively based on their needs and situation. I don't take a 'one size fits all' approach. You only receive insight and direction that I know will be relevant to improving your website's visibility.

Actionable SEO Audit

My audits are not a dump from a tool telling you that you have 1,894 page titles that are too long. They are tied to strategy and reasoning. I break down issues into thematic elements, and look for common weaknesses on the site, as well as digging into their reasons, and will work with you to implement the solution.

UX focussed

You will never receive recommendations from me to dump a wall of 'SEO text' onto your painstakingly crafted design. I believe that enhancing UX and meeting searcher demand is critical for sustainable growth.

No quick hacks

I don't believe in SEO hacks, and I have no interest in what the latest theory the SEO gurus have. I'm focussed on building a sustainable SEO strategy that works for the long term.

Access to an SEO expert

I form a key part of your digital marketing team. You get access to a highly experienced SEO consultant, who has agency and large business experience, at the fraction of the cost it would take to hire someone full-time. 

Scalable SEO

You will learn how to scale up your SEO efforts, and go after larger, more complicated opportunites. I can also help you manage growing your SEO team for increased output.

SEO consultancy services

From one off audits to long-term partnerships, I'm an SEO consultant that does it all and can offer flexible support for your business.

SEO consultancy

On page SEO

Ensure individual web pages are optimised to perform well in organic search.

Off page SEO

Build your brand presence and authority by capturing links, citations, and brand mentions.

Local SEO

Increase visibility within the location that your business trades. Earn more local customers.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO consultancy focussed on the unique requirements of ecommerce websites.

Ensure your website offers the best mobile experience possible.

Technical SEO

Improvements that are focussed on the technical foundation of a website.

SEO copywriting

Content creation that is optimised for organic visibility.

WordPress SEO

SEO consultancy tailored towards the world's most popular CMS.

Data and analysis

SEO audits

Analysis of the current performance of your website and discovery of opportunities.

An executable SEO strategy. Perfect if you have access to internal resource.

Discover what your target audience searches for.

Competitor research

Find out exactly what competitors are targeting and examine their SEO strategy.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting to measure the impact of SEO work, mapped to whatever KPIs are important for your business.