Content marketing

Work with a content marketing consultant to drive your brand's revenue. Engage your audience, demonstrate expertise, and build trust through best in class content.

Content marketing that covers all bases

Work with a content marketing consultant to grow your business using different types of content, including landing pages, blog posts, lead magnets, case studies, and knowledge bases. Capture your audience's attention by using the right content at the right time.

Content marketing with SEO in mind

Content marketing is a critical part of any long-term SEO development. That is why all content marketing consultancy I take on is performed with SEO in mind, with the aim of delivering you relevant traffic at every stage of your conversion funnel.

The right content marketing strategy

I work closely with my clients to understand their business goals and objectives before developing an effective content marketing strategy that will deliver results.

A great content strategy blends your business goals with your target audience's demands. By fulfilling your audience's needs, your business can nurture a relationship with your audience at key moments for conversions.

Content marketing core components

Understanding your business

Before starting a project, it's important to understand what makes your business tick - it's core products and services, what issues they solve, and who your target market is. This forms the starting point for researching the wider market, as well as your audience's needs, allowing us to craft a strategic content plan.

Developing content marketing personas

Personas allow us to better understand your audience, which helps inform decisions about where to focus your efforts. We'll also develop buyer journeys, which shows a typical conversion path a customer might take. Each step of this journey may require different types of content to nurture leads into customers.

Planning content

Content planning involves identifying topics that would be interesting to readers, and deciding on an editorial calendar based around these ideas. All of my content marketing is tied into SEO goals, which means targeting relevant topics and search terms in order to grow organic traffic over time. Any planned content will also be effective across supporting digital marketing channels, such as social media, and email marketing.

Content creation

Once the content marketing plan has been completed, it's time to actually create the content assets. Great copywriting is really important. If you have copywriters to hand already, I can work with them, or I can bring in a team of my own. The result will be perfectly crafted content that is strongly aligned with your content marketing goals.