SEO consultant Leeds

Improve your website's organic traffic by working with an experienced SEO consultant. Increase conversions, drive revenue, and sustainably grow your digital business.

A photograph of Zack Neary-HayesA photograph of Zack Neary-Hayes

An experienced SEO freelancer

I was trusted by businesses and digital agencies across Leeds to get the results they needed. I have a decade of experience in working on SEO and digital marketing projects, helping businesses just like yours.

A remote member of the team

I work remotely for clients. I communicate through Loom, Slack, email, and phone, and I'm always available to answer questions. I will support you with the development and execution of an SEO strategy that drives organic revenue and conversions.

Get more from your budget

SEO agencies in Leeds can be pricey. Really pricey. The best ones will easily command a four-to-five figure per month in fees. And while good work does cost money, these costs are too high for most businesses.

As a freelancer, I offer an alternative. You still get the knowledge and experience I gained from my time in Leeds' digital heartland, but as I'm running my own solo business, I can offer you an SEO service at a more realistic cost. 

Trusted by digital businesses in Leeds and beyond

I've helped some of the best digital focussed agencies and businesses in Leeds with SEO, content marketing, UX, and everything in between.

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Highly experienced

I have nearly a decade of experience in helping businesses across Leeds and the rest of the UK succeed with their SEO.

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SEO and content specialist

Deep knowledge of search engines, content marketing, and digital marketing. I aim to grow traffic at every stage of the conversion funnel.

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Comprehensive strategies

Comprehensive SEO strategies that drive commercial traffic as well as growing your audience through content marketing.

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Efficient project management

Clear communication and effective project management to keep all teams and resources focussed on growing your traffic.

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Reliable network

I have an awesome network of web developers, content creators, designers, videographers, and any other marketing specialism you're likely to need.

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Simple communication

I'm an independent consultant. That means you work directly with me. I get to know your business and your team, and I'm the one overseeing your SEO efforts.