Digital Audits

Audits are forensic, methodical tests that aim to uncover any issues your website may have. Many websites look great on the surface but have numerous issues when a deeper look is taken. These issues can hold back a website’s organic visibility and Google rankings.

I offer a range of audits that tackle specific SEO issues.

SEO audits

An SEO audit is an examination of a website’s current health and visibility. Many data points are analysed, including basic SEO elements like page titles, site speed, site content, and overall website targeting.

A technical SEO audit will help uncover any issues that are harming your website’s organic visibility. It will also highlight areas where your website can be improved, helping you structure and prioritise any future work.

Backlink audits

There’s no escaping the fact that backlinks power the SEO world. They’re still one of the most important ranking signals there is. Sometimes, inexperienced or low quality link builders can build links from spammy, undesirable domains in an attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

This isn’t good news for websites. Practices like this can often result in suppressed Google rankings, or even worse, an all out penalty. The effects of having an overly optimised or spammy backlink profile can be harsh.

A full backlink audit sees all of the backlinks to your website being manually analysed and formed into recommendations on whether links should be kept, removed, or disavowed.

Content audits

Creating and publishing content is so important for good SEO. However, over time, digital content can become stale and less valuable. Other times, the content was never high quality, and achieves nothing other than dragging the perceived authority of a domain down.

A full content audit is like a spring clean for your website and blog content. It examines the quality and performance of all of your content. It then provides recommendations on whether the content should be kept as is, improved or rewritten, or deleted entirely.

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