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Content is what makes the online world go round. At the end of the day, Google is a search engine that finds digital content for searchers to consume. Most of the time, this is text content, although this is rapidly changing.

If the content on your website isn’t high quality, or you only have a small amount of good quality and relevant pages, this is a missed SEO opportunity.

The lines between content marketing and SEO have blurred in recent years.

With Google constantly tightening its algorithm, huge emphasis is now placed on rewarding well written and unique content.

It's all about Google trying to deliver the best experience to the end user. Old school SEO copy is generally terrible to read. This was the type of content that relied on keyword spam, with articles being churned out at a high rate.

Well, times have changed and quality content is now critical for good organic visibility.

If your website content is tired and in need of a refresh, I can help you. I offer freelance web content writing services that are suitable for any project. Whether you need an entire website writing, existing copy refreshing, or some blog content creating.

Why you should care about your website content

The words you use on your website matter. They matter a lot. They’re one of the prime things that Google looks at when ranking your site. They are also the things that speak directly to your audience and potential customers.

A lot of the time, content is often an afterthought in the website building process: the site is designed and built, and then the content is written and mapped around this.

However, this neglects your audiences needs and the overall user experience of the site. Website copy can also often written without SEO in mind. Content is produced for content’s sake, without being mapped to specific goals or intentions.

Having well thought out content on your site allows you to:

  • Increase your organic visibility
  • Connect and communicate more efficiently with your audience
  • Offer a great user experience to your audience

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