Freelance SEO Services

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation as it’s known in its non-abbreviated form, is the process used to drive increased traffic from Google through to a website. It is a widely used digital marketing tactic, utilised by businesses of all shapes and sized, from SMEs to huge multi-nationals.

As a freelance SEO expert, I know the strategies and SEO services businesses should be using in order to grow their organic traffic. I can use this knowledge and experience to help your website reach a larger audience.

What you will get when you use me as your freelance SEO consultant

Picking a freelance SEO consultant can be tough. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what you will get before deciding to work with someone. All good SEO campaigns should have a very clear process in place before work begins.

Websites are very rarely identical. In each occasion, a unique approach, with unique priorities and goals is required. However, the broader process of increasing a website’s organic traffic is generally the same.

Getting to know your business

Before any SEO campaign can begin, I need to know all about your business, its core services, what your typical customer looks like, the locations you serve - all of the good stuff.

This is important as it gives me a really clear idea of what makes your business tick. I need this information to be able to build the most efficient strategy possible.

Health checks and audits

Prior to rolling a campaign out in full, it’s important to take stock and look at the current situation the website is in. This means running some health checks and SEO audits on the website.

This process highlights any strengths and weaknesses with a website. It then allows me to generate an actionable list of recommendations and suggestions for how we can improve the website moving forwards.

Typically, I will examine current website visibility, analyse backlinks, review current content and analyse technical SEO elements of the website.

Research and planning

Next, it's time for the research stage. This is where I take a look at the activity of some of your competitors and other players within your niche, gleaning useful information from their websites and any current digital marketing they may be doing.

I will also drill down into the services you offer, how they relate to your audience, and then analyse search trends and data. At the end of this, I will have a clear idea of the areas that can be targeted to enable your website to grow online.

Optimisation and execution

Using all of the information gathered from the previous steps, the main bulk of the SEO work can be rolled out. I'll make important onsite SEO recommendations and work with you to get your website into the best shape possible.

Once we've built a solid foundation to work with, offsite optimisation and link building can begin, along with hitting the site with targeted, quality content. As the campaign matures, your site will grow and be seen as more of an authority, allowing it to capture more relevant and profitable traffic.

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