Freelance Digital PR Services

Digital PR is a digital marketing tactic that very successful brands use to generate interest around their brands online. It’s one of the best ways to whip up a buzz about a brand within the digital sphere, whilst also capturing backlinks that drive organic visibility.

Typically, Digital PR will involve trying to win coverage for your business on websites and in publications relative to your niche. This puts your brand in front of an engaged, highly relevant audience.

The key to all Digital PR campaigns is to understand your target audience - their likes and interests, as well as the publications and websites they regularly read. Research is key to a successful campaign, and allows a focussed, targeted media list to be built. Once I know this information, I can attempt to secure your coverage across relevant media outlets.

Why use Digital PR?

This is the kind of activity that requires a healthy media and marketing budget, so be prepared to pay for the best coverage. Although it’s expensive, it’s a very powerful tactic, both in terms of SEO and broader advertising.

If you have a particular product or service that you would like to push and gain media coverage for, this is a great method to use. It will increase the exposure of your product and brand, as well as driving relevant traffic directly to your website. 

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