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Google Analytics: Don’t Always Trust The Numbers

Everyone that works in digital marketing, whether that be SEO, PPC, CRO, or email marketing, loves data. We’re obsessed with it. We love scooping up data, breaking it down into segments and more manageable chunks, looking for anything we can tweak and exploit. For a lot of us, Google Analytics is an invaluable tool. It gives us […]

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What Is A Website Audit and Why Is It Important?

A website audit is essentially a health check for a website that uncovers any technical issues a website may have that could impact its organic visibility. They are often technical and forensic in nature, analysing a whole range of aspects, including on page issues, site speed, and backlinks. An audit is often the first step in […]

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What is SEO Keyword Research and Why is it Important?

A lot of common SEO tasks are heavily based around reading trends and analysing data. One of the most important tasks is SEO keyword research. Keyword research is a crucial component of any SEO strategy and it’s a task that’s regularly carried out throughout an SEO campaign. It allows an SEO to determine which keywords, or search […]

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