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Blogging is a form of content marketing that increases the traffic and authority of a website. It’s the digital marketing tactic that businesses of every size should be using. Whether your business is big, small, local or national, you should be regularly hitting your site with quality digital content.

Your blog is your business’ mouthpiece to the wider world. It’s where you can flex your proverbial muscles and show that you know your industry inside out. On top of this, it’s a fantastic SEO tactic, allowing you to capture more organic searches. In essence, it’s another avenue you can use to reach your audience.

There’s a process to writing great blog content. A scattergun approach of writing whatever pops into your head at the time is rarely the answer.

Instead, all posts should be written with a clear aim, thoroughly researched, with keyword and topic data analysed to ensure the right terms are being targeted.

I can research, plan and produce blog content for your website, all aligned under a cohesive content strategy.

Why your business should blog regularly

There are many benefits when it comes to business blogging. It’s one of the most versatile digital marketing methods in existence. Here’s what you’ll gain from using my freelance blogging services:

Regularly add great content to your site

Regularly updating your website is seen as good quality signal by Google. With your main content pages, there is only so much that these can be tweaked or built upon. Therefore, in order to keep adding good digital content to your site, it makes sense for it to sit in its own organised section: the blog.

Scoop up long tail traffic

Some search queries simply aren’t suitable to target with your website’s main ‘money’ pages, such as your homepage and product pages. These keywords may have too low a search volume to be viable, or may have a slightly different searcher intent than what makes sense to target on the main section of the website.

By creating online articles, these queries can still be targeted. This allows your traffic to grow by capturing searches your website would otherwise have been ignoring.

Act as a linkable resource

Good content attracts backlinks, whether these are links that have been earned 100% organically, or links that have been won through link building and digital PR activity.

People will not link to shoddy, thin content. However, they will link to amazing, useful, well thought out content.

Build brand trust and authority

The best way to earn an audience’s trust is to to show that you’re an authority within your market. When people have a problem, their first port of call is Google. If your website can appear in these searches, you can help these searchers, building brand authority in the process.

Google places a big emphasis upon authoritative, well written content. In fact, the search engine actively encourages webmasters to create content that displays Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (or EAT, for short).

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