Freelance Blogger Outreach Services

Blogger outreach is a form of influencer marketing. It allows brands, usually of a B2C nature, to connect with bloggers and influencers who will give coverage to the brand.

Working with bloggers is a fantastic form of Digital PR. It gives multiple benefits, including the SEO benefit of earning additional backlinks. It also places your brand on a niche website with a very targeted audience, driving direct and referral traffic through to your website. Bloggers are also extremely active on social media and are effective at promoting their own content, meaning brands can generate even more exposure.

When executed correctly, blogger outreach can generate extremely high levels of multi channel exposure for your business.

Why use blogger outreach for your business?

Two of the biggest benefits of blogger outreach are its immediacy and scalability. It’s often possible to secure coverage on a blog much quicker than a traditional website or news outlet as brands are in direct contact with the blogger. Often, this means something can go from pitch to execution in a matter of days.

Another benefit is how targeted the readership of blogs is. Blogs will generally have a main niche. If your product fits into that niche, you will be appearing in front of a highly engaged, highly relevant audience.

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